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Unfold Publishing
Print (2018)

Unfold Publishing is a publishing platform created by Jana Choi which creates research-based anthologies. Scroll down to read Unfold's full mission statement

Unfold Publishing is a design and publishing studio which believes that there never should be an end-user to our books, zines, and knick-knacks. We believe that the content we publish, ranging from the didactic to the theoretical, deserves to be reinterpreted, particularly across junctions of demographic and identity. Consequently, we established our studio and distribute products under the prerequisite that those who purchase our work sit with, but eventually pass on the object with the intent of opening up a platform for shared knowledge, interpretation, and discourse. One of our goals is to position the printed matter we produce as neither holy precious objects nor solicitous ephemera. So we encourage customers and friends to read and digest our work, and then gift it to another person, thus incorporating oneself into the distribution process.